Learning Made Easy



Our Focus

We operate as a mobile social music school charged with the responsibilities of satisfying our clients with excellence in reproducing sound musicians in music/education business.

Durations & Time

3months, 4 months, 6 months and 1 year Diploma.
Time (flexibility is allowed, Week days and Weekends)

Are You Ready to Get Serious About Learning Any Music Instrument of Your Choice Yet You Work 24hours Around The Clock ?

Have you grown frustrated with trying to learn from books or a friend teaching you without directions and goals?
As a musicologist and a multi-instrumentalist myself, I know that it is possible for anyone to learn how to play music instrument of your choice.
With this mobile website, I want to inspire you to learn any music instrument of your choice! You can order for any music instrument   videos of your choice in soft copy for N7,500 become a member by registering as a students for N2,500 in proxy meaning you can be our student without coming for physical class but contact us frequently on our WhatsApp only 08060651293/08084812967( You can learn having use any of these materials to achieve your goals,likewise be mentored by me directly.
Many people think that you need to start practicing when you’re 8 years old in order to  learn your choice music instrument And that if you start late in life you will not be able to learn anything Especially if you are above 80 years old, it’s too late, right?
I want to prove to you that that isn’t true.
Not only that: I want to show you how you can still become pretty good at any music instrument of your choice … (and I will show you how to, of course!).
…That’s it’s not only never too late, but that you can even have years of fun playing music ahead of you.
…That you are going to meet amazing people on your learning journey.
… and that with regular practice & motivation, you will be able exceed your own (and everyone else’s) expectations!