Our Focus

We operate as a mobile social music school charged with the responsibilities of satisfying our clients with excellence in reproducing sound musicians in music/education business.

Durations & Time

3months, 4 months, 6 months and 1 year Diploma.
Time (flexibility is allowed, Week days and Weekends)

The Trumpet

In this course you will learn the Trumpet playing FOUNDATIONS: Everything the best Trumpet players do, so that you acquire the skills that will prevent you from encountering any of those challenges.       

In just 24 Trumpet lessons, you will be playing the Trumpet. Not just playing, but getting a solid foundation for further developing your playing standard. 

Simple and clear teaching 
Our teaching is simple both in theory and practicals...Each steps comes with a video lesson which  includes detailed teaching and demonstration for you to copy and practice. 
The lessons are structured gradually, each lesson progressing, based on mastering the previous lessons. You choose when to go to the next lesson through the instructions of your instructor.

A few words about myself - Your teacher

I, Samson.A.Badmus , wanted to play the trumpet when I first heard the Trumpet sound, but unfortunately I had non professional teachers, and I was one of those frustrated young players with challenges and problems with my ability to play. My passion was burning like an inner fire, so one day the Director of Lee music told me to go to MFM , and started from scratch.I remember just doing breathing and Mouthpiece Buzzing for several months before I was allowed me to use the instrument. So I did not become a professional salary paid musician immediately , but gradually teaching children to play now adults.      


Final thoughts for you 

Trumpet playing, like any other wind instrument, has many levels of playing. You can always tell just by listening, if the player is skilled or not. I guess that if you are here, you want to be above average. To really play nicely. ONLY MASTERING THE INSTRUMENT WILL BRING YOU REAL JOY AND SATISFACTION. Same approach applies to anything we do in life: Work and career, Hobby, Sport, Games and more. My attitude is...
Anything you do, mainly things you love to do, do the best you can and more. 
Never compromise for being average. Only with this attitude you can really enjoy!

I am inviting you to join me in the course, play the Trumpet properly and just ENJOY!  


  • The Trumpet student should have a Trumpet Instrument & Writing Materials,music manuscripts inclusive.
  • You will be entitled to video materials however terms and conditions must be fulfill.

Lesson Days, Time & Fees:

Lessons hold twice weekly, weekends classes also available.

Tuition for three months: Sixty Thousand (N60, 000.00)
Tuition for six months: EightyThousand Naira (N80, 000.00)
NB: Learning Trumpet and any instrument simultaneously, or one of them and voice training, costs Eighty thousand (N80,000) for 3 months. NB: Payment must be made in full before commencement of lectures.